7-9 December
Richard Smith
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The area and details of the meet

By the 8th December we will be approaching the shortest day of the year and it will be acceptable to mention the C-word, so why not get C-festivities off to a bang with a wine tasting session at the hut?

The cost will be £15 per person to cover the cost of the wine and also I will provide some nibbles, cheese and biscuits etc to go with the wine. There will be 7 wines to taste. If you haven't been to a wine tasting before, don't be worried - it will be very relaxed. I am by no means a wine expert but will try to showcase a few different grape varieties for you to taste.

If you would like to attend, please can you drop me an email to confirm (I know a few people have already expressed interest verbally but if you could email me it will ensure that I have not missed anyone).

Oh!! - and as we are a mountaineering club, as opposed to a drinking club - we will fit in a good walk or scramble on the Saturday!